Parramatta Phoenix: Chinese, Parramatta (03 May 2012)

Driving in peak hour traffic from the city to Parramatta can drive anyone insane, but I was fortunate enough to be doing it for a good cause – a catch up with some family over a traditional Chinese meal :)

Today we decided to have dinner at Parramatta Phoenix, which is where the old Borders used to be in Parramatta Westfield. Parking after 6pm at Westfield is free, so you can eat and shop all you want. 
 Braised two kinds of mushroom and vegetables ($23.80) – this was our token vegetable dish of the night – wasn’t anything special about the dish but it did make us feel healthier while eating the pork. 
 Pork Ribs Peking Style ($19.80) – mmm so good! came out piping hot, with crunchy pieces of pork hidden under the tangy peking sauce. 
Steamed live Cod fish with ginger & shallots ($95) – this was the fish that was recommended by the helpful waiter today – although a bit pricey, to be fair it was a really large fish and the meat was cooked perfectly tender. Most chinese restaurants don’t add the few pieces of chilli in when they steam the fish, but I really liked it as it gave it an extra kick. 
As always, we accompanied our meal with steamed rice ($3/person), and Phoenix also gives customers a complimentary plate of fruit or biscuits. Not sure whether it’s worth driving out to Parramatta for, but it’s a good place to catch up with family and friends if you’re all in Parramatta already. 
Parramatta Phoenix
Westfield Parramatta
Shop 4070, 159-175 Church St
Parramatta NSW 2150
02 9891 3338
Yumcha Mon-Fri 11am-3pm; Sat & Sun 10.30am-3pm
Dinner 7 days 5.30pm-10pm

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