Green Gourmet: Vegetarian/Vegan, St Leonards (5 May 2012)

Having walked past this restaurant numerous times, we decided to give Green Gourmet a try for lunch. Green Gourmet is a 100% vegan restaurant, meaning they do not use any meat or dairy products. On top of this, they do not use onion, garlic, leek, chives and spring onions in their cooking because they believe there are unwholesome consequences with these ingredients (more details on their website). Being huge meat-loving people, we were slightly apprehensive when reading the menu, but it turned out to be a fun experience. 
 Interior of restaurant
 Crispy Beijing Duck Wrap
 Insides of Crispy Beijing Duck Wrap – favourite dish from lunch – was pleasantly surprised with the texture and taste of this dish! Looked and almost tasted the same as a real peking duck wrap, minus the oil. 
 Steamed BBQ Not Pork Bun ($3.60) – made from wheat flour and small amounts of sugar, filled with water chestnut and wheat protein marinated with Hoi Sin Sauce – thought that the portion size was quite small but still tasted very similar to your typical BBQ pork bun minus the chewy pork texture. 
 Steamed Pumpkin Cake – Savoury cake made of pumpkin, tofu and black beans – was not a huge fan of this one because the cakes seemed to have been over steamed and were quite soggy today :(  
Braised green vegetables and tofu with noodle ($13.80) – wheat or rice noodle with fresh green vegetable, assorted mushroom and tofu – the noodles were fried to a nice and crispy state, but the vegetables and tofu seemed quite tasteless and oily. 
Overall had fun trying the smaller yumcha dishes, and saw a few more things that sounded quite fun to try (Crisp skin not chicken shangtung sauce).
Green Gourmet 
538 Pacific Hwy
St Leonards NSW 2065
(also has another branch in Newtown)
02 9439 6533
Open Tues-Sun for lunch and dinner

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