Gumshara Ramen: Chinatown (17 May 2012)

So our ramen eating quest continues, and we find ourselves returning to Gumshara to have their collagen-thick soup. Located towards the end of the Eating World foodcourt in Chinatown, it’s quite easy to find once inside since it’s the one with the constant line ups.  
 Simple menu of variations of ramen (you can get some dishes with “thinned” down soup or “less salty” soup)
 Menu for the sides
 Busy cooking the constant flow of ramen orders!
Garlic Tonkotsu Noodle ($11.50) – although it can be quite a struggle to finish the whole bowl of ramen with the thick soup, every mouthful is packed full of garlicy pork-bone goodness that I somehow found myself easily having another spoonful. While I probably do still prefer Ryo’s soup over Gumshara’s, just because it is easier to eat and I don’t feel like bursting afterwards, M easily chooses Gumshara’s thick, rich in collagen and intensely packed with pork-flavoured ramen, over the other ramen houses in Sydney. 
Gumshara Ramen
Shop 209, 25-29 Dixon St
Haymarket NSW 2000
Open 7 days until late

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