Pishon Patisserie & Cake Cafe: Eastwood (17 May 2012)

After a quick lunch with a friend at Pho Nam Viet on the “chinese” side of Eastwood, we promptly decided towards the end of lunch that we should relax and chill out over some dessert with the remaining time left in our lunch break, so we ended up crossing over to the “korean” side of Eastwood and going to the very cute korean dessert house Pishon.

 Located along the main street of restaurants on the “korean” side of Eastwood
 Has a very homely, warm feel to the cafe, matched with the very friendly service provided by the two guys behind the counter
 Some interesting bakery items like “sticky rice donut” and “sticky rice twist”, as well as traditional items like croissants. 
 Found some very cute items in the cafe like these biscuits! 
 mm cakes – they all looked very pretty! My friend had her 21st birthday cake made here, and said that they looked really nice, but tasted just ok :(  
Funnily enough, by the time we finished oohing and ahhing over all the cakes and bakery items, we ran out of time and had to leave with a takeaway cappuccino (Pishon uses Toby’s Estate coffee beans) and chai latte. The cappuccino was more frothy then your average coffee which suits me :) As a bonus, they were both reasonably priced at $2.80 for takeaway. 
Was really fun having a drawn-out lunch, but will definitely have to come back to Pishon to try out some of the bakery goods. 
Pishon Patisserie & Cake Cafe
77 Rowe St
Eastwood NSW 2122
02 9858 3500
Open 7 days until late

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