Pho Gia Hoi: Eastwood (20 May 2012)

Located on the busy Rowe street in Eastwood, known for its rich variety of Asian cuisine, a new competitor arrives in the form of Pho Gia Hoi. A vietnamese restaurant, which as its name suggests, has a focus on providing pho (beef noodle soup). The restaurant is part of a chain, of which other locations including Sydney’s Chinatown, Bankstown and the vietnamese heritage-rich Canley Vale. We went for lunch today and found that the restaurant was already buzzing with people. However the seating arrangement was quite cosy, even by cheap asian restaurant standards, though the service is very prompt so we’re able to be in and out of the restaurant relatively quickly.

More importantly, the food was all quite generously portion sized, using fresh ingredients. We started of with the rice paper rolls which were simple and well made, filled tightly with mint leaves, coriander, vermicelli and chicken. Although the ingredients were very fresh, they tasted slightly bland, even with the peanut dipping sauce.

Summer rice paper rolls

The chain is known for both its special  beef pho and the spicy beef pho. I chose the special while my friends unanimously opt for the spicy. The broth is well made and authentic, similar to the ones I was tried in Vietnam. Noodles were chewy and serving size is very generous as with the servings of beef. 

Special beef pho
Spicy beef pho
Sides for pho
Although price was around $13 for the noodles (a tad high for pho beef noodles) the quality was good and the portion sizes big. However it’s probably best to arrive early as there was a line to get seated (approximately 15 minutes at around 12:30), and be ready for the staff to attempt to speed your lunch up by offering to take half-eaten dishes away. Although I still prefer Pho An, Bo 7 Mon Thanh Tam and Naught Chef, it’s definitely a good addition to Eastwood which doesn’t as yet offer that many Vietnamese choices. 
Other visit: 17 July 2012 for summer rice paper rolls and raw beef noodle soup

Pho Gia Hoi
219 Rowe St
Eastwood NSW 2122
02 8084 2588

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on “Pho Gia Hoi: Eastwood (20 May 2012)
One Comment on “Pho Gia Hoi: Eastwood (20 May 2012)

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