Sushi Fusion: Randwick (19 May 2012)

After watching the Swans taking an easy win against Melbourne at the SCG last night, we tried to avoid the peak flow of traffic by heading to Randwick. With soft unobtrusive music playing in the background, sushi fusion comes across as an unpretentious sushi train offering a good mix between more creative sushi plates in combination with the more traditional options.
 Special of the day – seared salmon wrapped sushi topped with a creamy layer of mayonnaise, scallop and garnished with fish roe ($5.50)
 Potato tempura sushi topped with tartare sauce ($4.00)
 Tuna ($5.00)
 Salmon volcano topped with flying fish roe ($4.50)
 Mini soba noodle soup ($5.50) – quite generous serving for a mini size.
 Chicken Teriyaki & avocado ($3.50)
 Salmon Aburi with tartare sauce ($4.50)
 Kingfish carpaccio ($5.50) – fresh slices of kingfish sashimi marinated in a sweet sauce
 Unagi (Eel) grilled ($5.00)

The total came to around $20 each person, which was ok value considering the amount we ate. However on the way out we saw the $3.00 all dishes special for Tuesdays, which would make it very good value for the tastier fusion seafood plates!

Sushi Fusion 
7 Belmore Rd
Randwick NSW 2031
02 9399 5388
Open 7 days for lunch and dinner

Sushi Fusion on Urbanspoon

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