Jonga Jip: Eastwood (21 May 2012)

We were intending to go and try out crazy wings at Eastwood today for lunch, but somehow both my friend and I started craving the bossam dish we had when we visited Korea late last year. Where else to get a generous serve of bossam in Eastwood then Jonga Jip? So we quickly changed our route and parked on the korean side of Eastwood instead, and settled ourselves in on one of the many wooden BBQ tables at Jonga Jip.

Bossam (Medium: $30)
We ordered the bossam in medium size to share between the two of us, and it was more than enough! There were four full rows of tender roasted sliced pork belly pieces, accompanied by a bowl of pickled radish and oysters, which can all be wrapped within a piece of lettuce with the chinese cabbage slices, cucumber and carrot pieces.
Condiments for bossam
Complimentary side dishes
Jonga Jip is very generous with their side dishes, and offer 11 different types of complimentary sides today. They all tasted good, but I particularly liked the chestnut jelly, the sweet roasted potatoes and the creamy black sesame salad sauce they put on the lettuce leaves. 
Clean, modern interior

Jonga Jip offers fresh, tasty and well-priced korean dishes in a modern setting with fast and prompt service (they have a service bell which can be pressed when you want service). There are generally no lines on weekday lunchtimes, but the it’s generally advisable to arrive either early or late for dinner as they often have cues. Fortunately they have opened Jonga Jip around the corner (opposite Eastwood station), so that would definitely help with the cues. 
Jonga jip
87 Rowe St
Eastwood NSW 2122
02 9858 5160
Open 7 days for lunch & dinner

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