Ryo’s: Crows Nest (24 May 2012)

Is there anything better than a hot steaming bowl of ramen on a cold rainy day? Ryo’s ramen has always been one of our go-to spots – there’s something about their addictive and chewy ramen swimming in a rich pork stock. The spicy flavoured noodle soup is one of the best cures for the winter blues – the only challenge is to try and portion the ramen equally with the stock because it’s so easy to just slurp down all the soup in one go. 

Always packed, even on a Wednesday night at 9pm
Top 5 selling ramen dishes at Ryo’s
Ramen in spicy hot flavoured soup with roast pork, egg and shallots ($12.50)
Ramen with miso bolognese sauce ($14.00)

125 Falcon St
Crows Nest NSW 2065
02 9955 0225
Open Thursday-Tuesday for lunch and dinner (Closed Wednesday)

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