Golden Unicorn: Maroubra (26 May 2012)

One of M’s friends advised him to try out Golden Unicorn for yum cha, so we trekked out to Maroubra today to check it out. 
Small signs out at the front stating dinner specials
Long stairs leading us closer to the delicious smell of fresh dim sims
Half empty still when we arrived around 11.15, but soon filled up by noon
Flaky pastries with a taro filling

Spinach and prawn dim sims 
Scallop dim sims 
Braised mixed tripe/tendons/liver and white radish pieces
 This was one of my favourite dishes today – it can be hard to get all the tripe and tendon pieces to be cooked to a tender consistency without the tendons beginning to “melt”, but each piece was tenderly cooked to perfection and bursting with flavour!
Pan-fried prawn rice paper rolls with a seriously addictive hoisin and peanut dipping sauce 

Pan-fried turnip cakes

Pineapple buns with a custard filling
Another favourite from yum cha today! The sweet topping is often just slightly crumbly at other yum cha places, but the ones here are almost crispy like in consistency, and the custard filling inside was very rich and quite generous in custard:bread portioning. We enjoyed them so much that we ended up ordering another four to take away!

Meatballs with water chestnut
Jasmine tea
Restaurant was full by noon 
Scallop siu mai 

BBQ pork buns

Yum cha today was above average from the different yum cha places we’re been to – the dishes were all consistently hot and fresh which meant that they hadn’t been circling the room for too long before being picked up. The total came to less than $80 for four people (including tea charge of $2/person), and we were incredibly full and still managed to take home 3 full take away boxes of the dim sims we couldn’t finish.

Golden Unicorn
193 Maroubra Rd
Maroubra NSW 2035
02 9344 9278
Open 7 days for yum cha and dinner

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2 Comments on “Golden Unicorn: Maroubra (26 May 2012)
  1. mm definitely!! and so well-priced too! just finished the last pineapple bun from golden unicorn this morning – bought some from rhodes phoenix today but just not the same!

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