Brodburger: Kingston ACT (1 June 2012)

On Friday we made a last minute decision to hit the snow for Saturday after hearing that Perisher was opening a week early. However it was too late to make a better set-out plan, so we decided that we’ll just drive as far as Canberra after work, and drive the remaining distance on Saturday morning. It was a good thing we did because after leaving Sydney in peak hour traffic on Friday night, we didn’t make it to Canberra until 9pm, by which we were starving for fast food. We were recommended to go try out Brodburger by some locals, and boy were we glad we did! Apparently it used to be in a food van, but having done so well they have since moved into a new building with heaters :) We quickly placed our orders for the Brodburger and the Brodchicken, and they arrived within 10 minutes (which is meant to be really good timing for Brodburger as the locals had warned us that it could take up to an hour when they’re busy).

Bright modern kitchen

Random dessert selection of baklava, macarons and brownies

mmm the classic burgers – all comes with your choice of cheese
(Blue, brie, swiss or cheddar)

Brodburger with an additional egg and side of fries

The brodburger was oh so good! The meat patty was thick and juicy, and was accompanied by lettuce, tomatoes and spanish onions, and topped off with a fried egg (optional) and our choice of melted brie cheese. All of this was then topped with this addictive homemade aioli & tomato relish and sandwiched between soft buns, accompanied by a side of crunchy skinny fries (reminds me of McDonalds french fries but crunchier and less salty)


¬†Generous serves of thick and succulent butterflied chicken breast pieces that have been flame grilled, and topped with bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomatoes & spanish onions. Same as the brodburger, it was also topped with the tomato relish and a spicier version of the homemade aioli. Personally I still liked the Brodburger better, but there really wasn’t anything I could fault the brodchicken with (there’s just nothing that beats a good beef burger for me!)
Nice touch with the UNO cards that are placed on every table for clients to play with while they wait for their orders

11 Wentworth Ave 
Kingston ACT 2604
0424 635 824
Open Tues-Saturday for breakfast, lunch & dinner; Sunday for Breakfast and lunch

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2 Comments on “Brodburger: Kingston ACT (1 June 2012)
  1. Hi,

    I love to have a dinner in Brodburger, dishes looks delicious. I will surely visit Brodburger during my trip to Perisher. We have already booked Deanes snow holidays tour package. We planned our tour for 5 days and very much excited about skiing.


  2. Hi Brenda! You should definitely give Brodburger a visit :) also provides a good stopover for perisher… I think Canberra is around halfway between Sydney and Perisher

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