Joomak: Chatswood (10 June 2012)

Hidden away along Anderson St in Chatswood, Joomak has been open for around 6 months. Upon entering the restaurant, it almost seems you’ve left Chatswood and have been carried over to some foreign rustic land. The interior and furnishing all warm and earthy, and is complemented by the friendly servers. According to the owner, the restaurant’s main specialty dishes are the fried ones, although he quickly adds in that all the other dishes are good too… of course :) We were feeling quite chilly from the rainy weather outside, so decided to go for the Gumjatang (pork on the bone soup). We went for the medium size since it was just two of us, which was more than enough after our best attempts to finish the large pot it was served in. The pork was incredibly tender and chunks would literally fall off the bone as you attempt to transfer it from the pot to your bowl. The side dishes were slightly disappointing, but then again they are complimentary! Definitely a good addition for a korean restaurant in Chatswood :)  

Joomak Korean Restaurant
Shop 7/18-26 Anderson St
Chatswood NSW 2067
02 9419 7770

Joomak Korean Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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