Jasmins: Leichhardt (13 June 2012)

Best falafels in Sydney hands down. Well at least the best I’ve had so far :) I’ve always had fond memories of the perfect crunchy outside and the soft insides of the falafels at the Lakemba store, so after finding out a place named Jasmin 1 had opened up at the closer suburb of Leichhardt, we decided to go and do the falafel test. It brought back the same memories of the falafels in Lakemba, so I’m presuming they’re either owned by the same people or at the very least are both using similar recipes. We got one meat mixed platter and one vegetarian mixed platter, to try and sample as much as we could. In addition it comes with complimentary lebanese bread, pickles, olives, chilli sauce and the most amazingly fluffy garlic sauce :)


Jasmin 1
120 Marion St
Leichhardt NSW 2040
Open 7 days for lunch and dinner
02 8084 2692

Jasmin 1 Leichhardt on Urbanspoon

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