Spice Me Up: St Leonards (19 June 2012)

I was meeting up with a friend who worked at the RNS at St Leonards, so we decided to have a quick look around the area to find something local. We spotted a stream of customers going into Spice Me Up located on the busy Pacific Highway, so we thought it can’t be bad if it has a steady stream of local customers. Today we opted for the good-value speedy lunch menu.

Speedy Lunch Menu

Beef Noodle Soup ($9.90)

I opted for the beef noodle soup as I’ve never tried a thai-style beef noodle soup. It consisted of beef stewed in a “Thai-style” beef broth and served with generous portions of rice noodles and vegetables (bean sprouts). It was very warming and quite tasty – similar to the vietnamese stewed beef noodle soup, but has a more herbal taste to it.

Chicken stir-fried in oyster sauce
My friend opted for the chicken stir-fry with oyster sauce, and it came out in a decent serving size filled with freshly stir-fried chicken slices and vegetables. 

Although there may be better thai restaurants around the city, Spice me up! served a well-priced lunch in a modern and clean interior with tasty and fresh ingredients. Definitely one to keep in mind when around St Leonards. 
Spice Me Up!
18 Pacific Highway 
St Leonards NSW
02 9439 9898

Spice me up on Urbanspoon

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