Sammy’s Kitchen: Canberra (01 July 2012)

Busy, slightly chaotic, bright and modern. Sammy’s Kitchen is located within what is essentially Canberra’s city centre, and will always require a booking if arriving after 6pm. Fortunately, we left the snow early on in the afternoon, and arrived at Sammy’s by 5.30pm so we were able to get seated promptly. Our lovely friends L and J who lived in Canberra, recommended that we try the fillet steak in wasabi and the deep fried chicken in the five spices sauce, and as an addition we ordered the slow cooked pork belly with basil and Sammy’s special. The dishes all came out very promptly, and service was quick and efficient.

Bright and modern decor
Still relatively empty at 5.30pm 
Specials menu
Large fried rice

 Typically I prefer my simple boiled white rice, but Sammy’s fried rice did not have the oily residue that some chinese restaurants’ fried rice have, and tasted fresh and relatively healthy. 

Fried chicken with 5 spices sauce

My favourite dish from the night! Each piece was drenched in the sticky and sweet 5 spices sauce, whilst still being perfectly crunchy beneath it all.  

Sammy’s special

A simple stir-fry of mixed vegetables, meat and seafood.  

Slow cooked pork belly with basil

 Each piece of pork belly was slow-cooked until tender, and was accompanied by silky pieces of beancurd skin and generous amounts of stir-fried basil. 

Fillet steak in wasabi

Tender slices of fillet steak, sugar peas, mushrooms and onions were each coated with a wasabi sauce that had a bit of a kick to it without being overbearing.

Sammy’s Kitchen
Canberra Centre Bunda St
Canberra ACT 2601
02 6247 1464

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