Tak Kee Roast Inn: Dickson ACT (29 June 2012)

Self-advertised as the first chinese BBQ restaurant in Canberra, M and I decided to give it a go after our long drive from Sydney on a Friday night. Feeling quite hungry, we decided to order the combination fried noodles and the deluxe congee to share.


Simple interior 
Specials board
Combination chow mein ($14.50)
The topping of mixed vegetables, seafood and meat was braised in a rich sauce, and quite generous in portions. However the noodles were clumped together in sections, and felt overly greasy.
Deluxe Congee ($9)
The congee itself was silky and smooth, however some of the meat parts were questionable – there were quite a few pieces of skin (roast duck skin I think) without any meat. However, ignoring some of the more questionable pieces of meat, the congee itself was very satisfying.


Although Tak Kee Roast Inn looks like a cheap and fast eatery, I would personally rather pay just a few dollars more to eat at Sammy’s Kitchen of which the cooking is more refined and tasty, and the decor of the restaurant itself is more modern and clean. I probably wouldn’t be going back to Tak Kee Roast Inn anytime soon, unless someone suggested a must-try dish, as I feel Canberra has more to offer in terms of restaurants.

Tak Kee Roast Inn
10 Woolley St
Dickson ACT 2602
02 6257 4939

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