Olio Cafe: St Leonards (3 July 2012)

A well-known coffee place that serves the Kopi Luwak (apparently produced by a wild cat/rodent’s gut) which brings in coffee lovers from all over Sydney. However today I was meeting up with my friend for a strictly food date, as she had recommended the lunch menu from Olio’s. Located within the forum area outside St Leonards station, Olio’s seemed to be filled with mostly workers from nearby buildings coming in for the food and coffee.


Chicken Burger with avocado puree, crispy pancetta, mozzarella and fries
Lamb gyros with eggplant, tabouli, tzatziki and lemon

 I was intrigued to know how they were going to make their lamb gyros, as I’ve only had it homemade once by a family friend. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they had made the gyros pastry from scratch, which resembled a flaky large pancake that was used as a wrap for the well-marinated shredded lamb pieces that was served with eggplant, tabouli, tzatziki and lemon. And as a bonus, it’s also served with some very chunky and crunchy potato wedges.

Olio Cafe/Bar
205 Pacific Hwy
St Leonards NSW 2065
02 9439 8988

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on “Olio Cafe: St Leonards (3 July 2012)
One Comment on “Olio Cafe: St Leonards (3 July 2012)

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