Home Thai: Sydney (05 July 2012)

Quick, tasty, authentic Thai dishes in a modern, iPad operated restaurant. I have heard many good things about Home Thai, so I was excited to go there with S as the start of our epic eating day out! We arrived at around 1.30pm, and were pleased to find that there was no line which is apparently quite rare for Home Thai. Today we ordered 3 dishes from the lunch menu to share amongst us two, and got the Thai beef salad, soft shell crab salad and a chicken stir-fry with broccoli. After ordering the dishes, they promptly arrived within 5 minutes, steaming hot and ready to eat :)

Open kitchen
Yum Nue Yang – Thai Beef Salad ($9.50)

 Grilled marinated beef that is medium cooked and sliced, served with shallot, coriander, mint, tomato, lemongrass, cucumber and chef’s dressing. A very refreshing salad, with generous serves of grilled beef (hidden under the top layer of vegetables). 

Pu Nim Yum Mamuang – Soft shell crab with mango salad ($15.50)

 Deep fried crispy soft shell crab served with a tangy shaved green mango salad – again, they gave a very generous serve of soft shell crab (4 pieces, that is presumably 2 soft shell crabs) on top of a small mountain of mango salad. 

Kao Rad Katiu Pik Thai – Stir fried garlic and pepper chicken
served with steamed broccoli and coriander ($8.90) 
Since we had already had planned to go chocolate cafe hopping after lunch, we decided to skip on the desserts at home thai. However after seeing some of the desserts they were dishing up, I will definitely be back to try them out!

Home Thai Restaurant
Shop 1-2/299 Sussex St
Sydney NSW 2000
02 9261 5058

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on “Home Thai: Sydney (05 July 2012)
One Comment on “Home Thai: Sydney (05 July 2012)

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