Pho Pasteur: Parramatta (11 July 2012)

I was catching up with a friend who lives around Parramatta, so we decided to revisit one of our old haunts at Pho Pasteur. Today we decided to try the newer one of the two located in Parramatta (under Westfield) and went for the rare beef pho and the special pho. The prices have gone up since the last time we visited (probably 2 or 3 years now), but are still at a reasonable price of $11 for a regular bowl or $12 for a large size. Both toppings were delicious, but it’s the broth that makes it stand out. The broth is definitely sweeter than most pho places, and is light and refreshing.

Bean sprouts, mint leaves, lemon wedges and freshly cut chilli for pho
Bright modern interiors 
Special pho 
Rare beef pho
Pho Pasteur
137 Church St
Parramatta NSW 2150
02 9635 0782

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