Hairy Canary: Melbourne (12 July 2012)

Located just across the road from our hotel, we decided to visit the hairy canary for their pizzas after hearing about their $10 pizza specials at lunch time. We found the waiters very friendly and casual, and felt like it was a place that we could easily chill out at over cocktails if we hadn’t had an itinerary for the rest of the day planned out. 
Cosy interiors

 Spacious sofas and different sized tables were spread throughout the restaurant, allowing groups of all sizes to visit.

Jamon Pizza
Generally $20+, all pizzas are $10 during lunchtime which is fantastic value. The dough is light and airy with just enough chew factor, and is topped generously with cheese and jamon pieces. 
Mixed salad ($6) 

Hairy Canary
212 Little Collins St
Melbourne VIC 3000
03 9654 2471

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2 Comments on “Hairy Canary: Melbourne (12 July 2012)
  1. Hairy Canary is still a bit of a tourist trap: unimagnitave food, and tapas that, like most places in Australia, borders on the rip-off. It looks a bit tired these days, but the $10 pizza special is good value – very basic pizza, but well done. I wouldn’t go there if the pizzas weren’t on special, you can get much better value for money at heaps of other city restaurants.

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