Pho Gia Hoi: Eastwood (17 July 2012)

After our previous visit to Pho Gia Hoi back in May, we decided to revisit for their summer rice paper rolls and try out their normal beef rice noodle soup. The hype for the pho place has since died down, and customers are now easily seated down when arriving at noon. As a bonus, their “opening special” of additional 20% off is still ongoing which makes the prices quite reasonable, especially for their large serving sizes. 
Summer Rice Paper Rolls ($8)

Peanut dipping sauce for rolls

Bean sprouts, mint leaves and lemons for pho

Rare beef noodle soup ($12)
Generous serving sizes of thinly sliced raw beef pieces on top of fat noodles, and topped generously with onion slices. The broth is piping hot, and full of beef flavour. With an additional 20% off, it comes in at only $9.60.  
Previous visit: 20 May 2012 for special beef pho, spicy beef pho and summer rice paper rolls
Pho Gia Hoi
219 Rowe St
Eastwood NSW 2122
02 8084 2588
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