Caffe Bom: Eastwood (19 July 2012)

After walking past Caffe Bom numerous times, we finally decided to venture in to have a look. What we discovered was a cute and cosy cafe, with antique looking items placed throughout the shop (with the majority for sale too so you can drink/eat/shop). Since we had already had lunch, we thought we’ll try their drinks. H had the lemon tea, which she said was refreshing and soothed her sore throat. I had the ginger tea which was CRAZY spicy. Whilst I expected it to be slightly spicy since it was made from ground ginger powder, this one was packed full of ginger taste and would have probably knocked out any colds that may have started to build up in me. 

Lemon Tea

Ginger Tea
Overall a cute cafe in Eastwood (korean side) that provides a warm space to catch up with friends. I probably will try a tamer drink next time though.
Caffe Bom
15 Railway Parade
Eastwood NSW 
02 9874 3363

Caffé Bom on Urbanspoon

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