El Jannah: Granville (21 July 2012)

The holy grail in Sydney for charcoal chicken, El Jannah has been providing Sydney with their perfectly charred chicken with the equally addictive garlic sauce for over a decade (since 1998). The line is almost guaranteed to be long, but luckily many are there for takeaway so grabbing a table is usually quite easy. We were here today as a group for their chicken and garlic sauce, and we were not disappointed!

Charcoal chicken
Mmmm smokey charcoal crispy skin with succulent tender meat underneath. Although it was a bit of hit and miss with the tenderness (the white meat pieces seemed to be a lot drier and tougher), the charcoal flavour was like none other and was delicious with the creamy garlic sauce. Try wrapping pieces of the chicken dipped in garlic sauce with some hot chips pieces in the lebanese bread – amazing.  
Charcoal chicken feast :)  

Garlic sauce and complimentary lebanese bread

Noggi (Strathfield)
One downside of El Jannah is the aftermath. There is always this strong lingering garlic sauce taste in our mouths as well as a feeling of greasiness after El Jannah, so we decided to grab some fro-yo from Noggi to pump some freshness into ourselves (though really we just wanted fro-yo). I tried the red-bean paste topping for the first time, and really enjoyed the sweetened red bean pieces with the green tea fro-yo flavour. 
El Jannah
6 South St
Granville NSW 
02 9637 0977

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