Tingha Palace: Parramatta (21 July 2012)

On Saturday, we decided to go to revisit Tingha Palace at the Parramatta Leagues club for yumcha with some family. We arrived at around 2pm, and found that the restaurant was half-empty already so we were promptly seated by a waitress. Thankfully there was still plenty of dimsum trolleys being rolled around, and we quickly made a few choices since we were all beyond starving.
Steamed beancurd roll
 Starting things off, we had the steamed beancurd rolls which was piping hot and bursting with vegetables and pork mince. It comes with three pieces, but I was a little slow with taking out the camera
Har Gau (Steamed prawn dim sum)
 One of our must-order dishes when we go to yumcha :) today we found the har gau disappointingly small and cold
Dou Mou Gau (Steamed “dou mou” vegetable dim sum)
Our disappointment over the prawn dim sum quickly vanished after biting into these generously filled piping hot dou mou gaus. Well sauteed pieces of vegetables was mixed with plump prawn pieces, and encased in a gelatinous wrapping. 
Pork and century egg congee
Thick glutinous pork-flavoured congee mixed through with century egg and shredded pork pieces, and topped with crunchy deep-fried wonton pieces. Perfect cure for any cold winter blues. 
Sweet tofu dessert
 Silky smooth tofu pieces, drenched in a sweetened syrup. Tingha Palace is the first yumcha joint that I’ve been to that has actually offered an extra side bowl with more syrup for sharing purposes :)
Prawn wonton with steamed chinese broccoli
 My favourite dish from yumcha here – fat juicy prawn pieces encased in a wonton wrapping, that is matched well with the chilli soya sauce that is given on the side. The steamed chinese broccoli also provides some relief from the overall seafood/meat dominance. 
Chilli soy sauce dipping sauce for prawn wontons

Clean modern interior 
Yumcha was just over $30 for three people today, which includes the 10% discount for weekend yumcha if paid with cash. Considering the amount we ate, we thought it was excellent value. 
Tingha Palace
2/13-15 O’Connell St
Parramatta NSW 2150
02 9890 1688

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