Mother Chu’s Taiwanese Gourmet: Chinatown (24 July 2012)

A homey-feel restaurant that’s been located in the walking strip of Chinatown for as long as I can remember. Mother Chu’s offers a range of “street-style” snacks as well as your traditional Taiwanese/Chinese restaurant dishes such as congee, noodles, rice and stir-fry dishes. Craving for my favourite street-food snack, we came here today to get the glutinous rice roll with pork floss, and M’s favourite snack (the ground pork sauce with rice). The appearance and ambience of the restaurant is pretty much close to nothing, but then the whole appeal of this place is the cheap, delicious food served quickly (and FYI, you will need to pay before you get your food). 
Ground pork sauce with rice ($5.50)
M loves this dish, but personally I felt like it was something you could easily make at home. However I guess it is one of those homey dishes that people may order when out, and at the price of $5.50, it may work out the same monetarily-wise (if only cooking for yourself) if you ate at Mother Chu’s. 
Glutinous Rice Roll with Pork Floss ($3.80)
Yummmmmm!!! My reliable go-to dish at Mother Chu’s! I am still yet to find a restaurant in Sydney that makes it as good, let alone even makes this snack! It consists of a crunchy you-tou (chinese donut) encased with tasty pork floss, and then covered with glutinous rice and rolled into an easily holdable roll :) Delicious! I love the crunchiness of the you-tou being complemented by the glutinous chewy texture of the rice, and all enhanced by the flavoursome pork floss sitting in between the two layers. 
By the time I looped back to take a photo, the store had closed. However you can generally watch the ladies making different types of pastries through the clear windows. 
Mother Chu’s Taiwanese Gourmet
86-88 Dixon St
Sydney NSW 2000
02 9211 0288

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