Petaling Street: Chinatown (21 July 2012)

After a traumatic few hours at attempting to bike ride around the Bay run accompanied by numerous falls and crashes, M graciously let me choose where to eat for lunch. I contemplated on going to a vegetarian restaurant since there are few occasions when M would agree to that, but I was craving for a place where I haven’t been to but have heard that the food was served fast and tasty. Petaling Street it was! Located on the Chinatown side of George St, Petaling Street is one of those places where I keep going past in the car or bus, and keep meaning to go to but haven’t. The service is brisk and to the point, and the dishes were served within minutes of our orders being placed. 

Combination Hor Fun ($10.80)
The Malaysian hawker type rice noodles with seafood, chicken & vegetable was absolute deliciousness! Thick rice noodle strands stir-fried in soya sauce was hidden below layers of glutinous egg white sauce topped with stir-fried vegetables, seafood and chicken slices.

Nasi Lemak with Rendang Beef 
One of the best nasi lemak dishes I have had in Sydney for a long time! The sambal sauce was spicy and sweet, making it the perfect accompaniment to the crispy ikan bilis (small fried anchovies), crunchy peanuts and rice. While the rendang beef was equally flavoursome, I felt that the inner parts of the beef chunks were overly chewy and slightly tough. 

Will definitely be returning to try out some more of their dishes – I’m eying the hainanese chicken rice and nasi pattaya. Makes the whole traumatic bike-riding experience almost worth it. 
Petaling Street: Malaysian Hawker Food
760 George St
Haymarket NSW 2000
02 9280 1006

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