Bon Pollo: St Leonards (23 July 2012)

With our leftover garlic sauce tubs from El Jannah, we thought we better go buy another charcoal chicken to use it up (great reasoning). So we ventured to our local charcoal chicken shop that we’ve driven past plenty of times, but never visited. Upon entering, we spotted a dozen or so chickens being rotated slowly on the rotisserie, which made the restaurant smell amaaaazing! To keep it simple, we ordered a whole chicken and a small tub of tabouli to take away. 

Small Tabouli Salad with complimentary garlic sauces
Freshly made tabouli salad, that is bursting with fresh lemony flavour. In addition, it was really nice of the shop owners to give us two extra tubs of garlic sauce free for our chicken. 
Full Charcoal Chicken 
The chicken smelt absolutely delicious, with a sweet smokey charcoal aroma. However the charcoal flavour didn’t sink in throughout chicken like it did at El Jannah, although the chicken was still moist and tender. 
Bon Pollo
548-550 Pacific Hwy
St Leonards NSW 2065
02 9906 1119

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