Praus Yogurt Cafe: Eastwood (24 July 2012)

After the delicious and fresh sushi lunch set at Hukuya Sushi Bar, we decided to try out the newly opened frozen yogurt place in Eastwood. Praus Yogurt Cafe, which just opened up last week, seemed very bright and pink when we first entered. One of the staff approached us quickly, and introduced how the fro-yo machines work (all serve yourself, and cost calculated my weight). H and I were interested in all 4 flavours (kiwi, pomegranate, peach and original) so we tried them all. After our best attempts to get a “pretty” swirly circular design, we gave up and ended up with some interesting looking designs. 
Fro-yo machines!


Menu for other things

Fresh interior design

H’s swirls

My swirls with shredded dried coconut, oreo cookies, blueberries
and sweet potato mochi
 We both didn’t really like the texture of the pomegranate, kiwi and peach flavours, and found it slightly gritty. But they may not have had the mixture right on the day, because the original flavour tasted smooth and creamy. 

Praus Yogurt Cafe
Shop 1/35 Railway Parade
Eastwood NW 2122

Praus Yogurt Cafe on Urbanspoon

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