85 Degrees Bakery: Chatswood (24 July 2012)

We typically prefer the richer cakes made by the European cake stores, but since M’s dad preferred Asian cakes we decided to play it safe and buy a cake from 85 Degrees Bakery in Chatswood. While we had bought some delicious soft buns from the bakery in the past, we have never bought cakes from the bakery so we relied on the suggestions of the staff. Since it was already 7pm on a Tuesday night when we went and we were the only customers inside the store, it was slightly off-putting with the amount of effort we needed to put in to grab the attention of the staff who were chatting to each other. However once their attention is gained, the staff were very helpful and recommended that we go for the mango cheese which was a yogurt based cheese cake with mango fruit on top. 
Nicely presented and easy to carry boxes
85 Degrees Bakery is relatively considerate in that they also throw in a few paper plates, cutlery and napkins with the cake, which comes in handy for easy disposal later. 
Mango Cheese 6″ ($20)
A yogurt based rich cheese cake, with a gelatinous mango fruit jelly topping. While I still prefer the richness of the European ricotta cakes, I was pleasantly surprised with the relative richness of the yogurt based cheese cake that is complemented with the fresher and lighter mango jelly top layer.
85 Degrees Bakery & Cafe
326 Victoria Ave
Chatswood NSW 
02 9904 5585

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