Copo Cafe & Diner: Drummoyne (25 July 2012)

Since we had an earlier than usual finish for our morning lecture on Wednesday, we decided to venture out for a more leisurely long lunch at Copo Cafe at Drummoyne. Voted best breakfast in Sydney by “Everyday Eats 2012″ (SMH), we were hoping to make it in time for the breakfast menu (finishes 11.30am on weekdays) but had to settle for the lunch menu which looked delicious too. The service is laid-back and friendly, and we were informed to choose a table and they will come to grab our orders. 
Bright, modern, open interior eating space

Potted plants on each table
 We settled on a large wooden table next to the windows, which had a small potted plant and cutlery pieces which you can grab by yourself. 
Charcoal Roasted Pork Sandwich with Aioli, Pickled Cucumber,
Baby Leaf, Pear and Fennel Relish ($12.90)
 H ordered the charcoal roasted pork sandwich, which she said was very juicy tasty, and filling! 
Kids Bowl of Fries ($4)
 Another friend also joined us for lunch today, who decided to order for the kids menu to check out how the portion and taste compares to adult meals. She ordered the kids bowl of fries, which was huuuge and crispy, and also a kids burger which was equally filling with a fat juicy meat patty. 
Kid’s Burger with Tomato Sauce ($6)

Slow Roast Pork Neck Salad with Radicchio, Fennel,
Grapes, Vincotto and Walnut ($17.90)
 I ordered the slow roast pork neck salad, that consisted of tender torn roasted pieces of pork neck pieces scattered throughout one of the best combination for salads I have tasted for a while! The crunchiness of the radicchio pieces was complemented by the sweet juicy halved grapes, fragrant fennels pieces and nutty walnut pieces. Delicious. 
Good selection of “to-go” or eat-in pastries and cakes

A wonderfully relaxing lunch, with delicious food and great company! Would definitely be returning to try out the breakfast menu – maybe on a weekend when they do all day breakfast :)  
Copo Cafe and Diner
M3 135 Victoria Rd
Drummoyne NSW
02 9719 9057

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