Fajar Indonesian & Asian Food: Kingsford (27 July 2012)

For lunch on Friday, I met up with K after her lecture at UNSW for lunch at Kingston to try out Fajar which her friend from Indonesia had recommended to try. The nasi goreng was what we had been recommended to try at Fajar, who said that this was the most “authentic” nasi goreng he had tried in Sydney so far. K ordered the Indonesian style chicken fried rice with beans, egg, fish cake and fish balls, while I ordered the seafood fried rice with egg, squid, fish cake, fish balls, seafood sticks and prawns. Both were very similar tasting (barring the chicken versus seafood ingredients), and the fried rice is different from other nasi goreng dishes I have tried. The rice is very broken up, and each rice seems to be coated with the different flavours of the ingredients and spices. They will ask you whether you want it chilli or not, but be warned that their version of “chilli” is different so emphasise on “mild” if you’re anything like me with chilli. 
Huge choice for nasi (rice) dishes

Nasi Goreng Pete Ayam ($11)
Nasi Goreng Seafood ($11.50)

Simple shopfront – next to 85 degrees bakery
Definitely the best nasi goreng I have tried in Sydney so far, though I haven’t tried all that many so may not be the best judge. However go and try it out for yourselves if you are a fan of nasi goreng, since there were many local Indonesian students and workers eating in the restaurant around the time we were there. 
Fajar Indonesian & Asian Food
394 Anzac Parade
Kingsford NSW 2032
02 9662 0736

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