The Abercrombie: Broadway (02 August 2012)

Beers & Deep-fried Golden Gaytime ice-cream – need I say more? 
Located in the former run-down Australia Hotel on Broadway, the Abercrombie has managed to turn itself around and now offers a range of beers and ciders on tap as well as a good range of bar food (think nachos, tacos & burgers). Tonight we were there for the happy hour beer and the legendary deep-fried Golden Gaytime ice cream. They have $10 beer jugs on Thursday night, as well as the juicy looking double decker cheeseburger for $10. The Golden Gaytime is also offered for a reasonable $7, and involves a Golden Gaytime being covered in a batter coating, deep-fried to a perfect crispiness and finally drizzled over with a sticky caramel sauce. Just be aware that the ice cream does melt rather quickly, so it’s probably best to eat it with a spoon since the ice cream falls apart within seconds of reaching the table. 
Happy Hour
Bar Area

Deep Fried Gaytime Icecream
The Abercrombie
100 Broadway (Corner Abercrombie St)
Sydney NSW 2007

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on “The Abercrombie: Broadway (02 August 2012)
One Comment on “The Abercrombie: Broadway (02 August 2012)

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