Holy Basil: Canley Vale (03 July 2012)

To follow the delicious fried golden gaytime we had at The Abercrombie, we decided to visit Holy Basil at Canley Vale for their famous fried ice cream. The restaurant is modern, airy and bright, and provides a new facelift to the surrounding area. The service was prompt and efficient, and there were always plenty of waitresses ready to take our orders or to refill our water/tea. 
Green tea
A special mention needs to be made to the fragrant green tea they serve – unlike many asian eateries, Holy Basil serves the tea in a cute and petit porcelain pot, and the tea is light and fragrant from the mixture of different types of green tea leaves they use. 

Durian Shake
 Rich and creamy, and made with real durian pieces! Delicious! The durian flavour was so strong that despite eating at Holy Basil for lunch, I could still taste the durian in my mouth at night!
Salt & Pepper Calamari 
Tender pieces of calamari are lightly battered and deep-fried to golden crispy perfection. Served with sweet chilli sauce, and also a spicier Thai chilli sauce. 
Chicken Pad Thai
Really delicious – the pad thai was not dry, and packed full of flavour and fresh ingredients. I especially enjoyed the fried egg pieces that was mixed throughout. 
Deep Fried Ice cream
 .. and of course the reason why we came here! The deep fried ice cream here is different to other asian restaurants, and is triangular shaped and wrapped/fried in a filo pastry. The ice cream is creamy and rich inside, which is complemented by the buttery and flaky filo pastry and the sweet caramel sauce that is drizzled all over it. 

Holy Basil
233 Canley Vale
Canley Heights NSW 
02 9727 7585

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