I Love Pho: Crows Nest (04 August 2012)

Over the weekend,  we were craving for pho but didn’t want to drive far, so we decided to give I Love Pho in Crows Nest a go. We’ve always been skeptical about the place since we tend to associate dirtier places with better pho, but we were pleasantly surprised with the whole experience. While the servers seemed a little confused in general, the dishes we ordered were brought out relatively quickly. 

Bean sprouts and sauce sides for pho 

Rare Beef Noodle Soup – Pho Tai ($12,60)

M ordered the pho tai which consisted of Tender sliced rare beef over beef broth served with fresh rice noodle, Vietnamese mint and herbs. While the beef slices were tender and lean, the rice noodles were overcooked that night and seemed overly soggy.

Grilled marinated pork & Spring roll with Vermicelli ($17.50)
The second dish we ordered was the grilled marinated pork & spring rolls served with vermicelli, fresh Vietnamese herbs, cucumber, pickled carrots and dipping sauce. There was the option for it to be served either in a bowl or D.I.Y. self roll with rice paper, so we opted for the D.I.Y. option since it seemed like a more “fun” approach that was easier to be shared. This dish was really delicious, with the grilled pork slices well marinated in a sweet sauce and the spring roll pieces all fried to a golden perfection. Together with the fresh herbs and vermicelli wrapped in the rice paper, it was heavenly!

Overall a good find for Vietnamese food at Crows Nest. While the pho is not as cheap or tasty as the ones served in Vietnamese restaurants in the Western suburbs or Eastwood/Sydney, the D.I.Y. rice paper roll with spring rolls and marinated pork slices will make it a good alternative when craving for Vietnamese food in the lower North Shore. 
I Love Pho 
47 Willoughby Rd
Crows Nest NSW 2065
02 8065 1129

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on “I Love Pho: Crows Nest (04 August 2012)
One Comment on “I Love Pho: Crows Nest (04 August 2012)

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