Sakana-Ya: Crows Nest (11 August 2012)

Sakana-Ya is a traditional Japanese restaurant located along the busy Pacific Hwy in Crows Nest. Meaning “fish shop” in Japanese, it’s only fair to expect the restaurant to specialise in seafood dishes, so M and I decided to both order a fish dish for lunch. The fish lunch sets comes with the fish dish you order, a side salad, miso soup and boiled rice. The prices range from around $15-35, which is significantly more than Ju-rin located just a few shops up the street. 

Kingfish belly
 Steamed in a subtly sweet soya sauce, the kingfish belly was delicious! The fattiness of the kingfish belly helped let the meat stay tender through the cooking process, and the subtlety of the sauce allowed the natural fatty flavours of the kingfish belly to come through. 
Simple leaf salad topped with corn kernels with a sweet citrusy sauce

Teriyaki salmon
 Unfortunately we both found the teriyaki salmon too dry and lacking in flavour. 
336 Pacific Hwy
Crows Nest NSW 2065
02 9438 1468

Sakana-Ya on Urbanspoon

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