Sushi Counter: Crows Nest (16 August 2012)

A lovely and quiet Japanese restaurant that is laid out mostly around a long sushi counter from which you can watch the chefs make your sushi orders. There’s always something extra special to the dishes when you’ve watched the chefs make it, and it’s no different here. We ordered the deluxe sushi platter for two, and were able to view the chefs slowly putting together the platter in front of us. 
Sushi chef

Cold sake

Deluxe sushi platter for two
The deluxe sushi platter consists of salmon, eel, fish roe, kingfish, beancurd, tuna and scallop sushi pieces, on top of the smaller rolls and california rolls. It was a nice selection of the fresh seafood range they had, and was just the right portion size for us without leaving the restaurant hungry or overly full. The highlight of the sushi platter was the scallops and the unagi (eel) ships. 

Sushi Counter
64 Willoughby Rd
Crows Nest NSW 2065
02 9966 4556
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