Pho Phu Quoc: Dickson ACT (19 August 2012)

En route back from the snows, M and I were starving and couldn’t hold out until Sydney for a meal, so we decided to follow our Canberra friend’s advice and try out Pho Phu Quoc. We were glad we did! Simple, unpretentious and reasonably priced Vietnamese dishes are served up at Pho Phu Quoc located in Dickson at Canberra. 
Complimentary prawn crackers
 To start things off, we were handed a complimentary bowl of prawn crackers, which was a nice touch since I can’t remember the last restaurant we went to that offered the prawn crackers now. 
Combination Pho
 M ordered the combination pho which was a mixture of beef slices and balls. Although it was leaning towards the smaller portioned size by Sydney standards, it was still very tasty and warming, and had a lovely rich beef broth. 
Condiments for the pho

Stir fried beef vermicelli salad
An incredibly tasty stir-fry of beef and onion slices with a hint of lemongrass flavour tops a bowl full of shredded vegetables and plain vermicelli. The flavours of the beef and onion stir fry seeps throughout the rest of the ingredients so well that I did not have to even pour the sauce that came with the dish through it. 

Pho Phu Quoc
6 Cape St
Dickson ACT 2602
02 6249 6662

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