Ayam Goreng 99: Kingston (15 August 2012)

Serving up cheap and tasty Indonesian dishes, Ayam Goreng can quickly transport their diners to Jakarta with the range of hawker style dishes. There seems to always be a line to get in, but the turnover is quick. Once in, you write your orders down on a piece of paper, and the dishes often start turning up within minutes. 
 Kwetiauw Goreng ($9.50)
The first dish tonight to get delivered is the stir-fried thick rice noodles with eggs, meats and vegetables. It’s really delicious with a slight charcoaled taste in the noodles and meat, and there’s a generous spread of scrambled egg pieces throughout the noodles.

Ayam Bakar ($6)
The dish that everyone must try is their chicken! Whether it’s the deep fried ones or the charcoal grilled pieces, it’s always been consistently good. Today we opted for the charcoal Grilled Marinated Chicken thigh pieces, which is perfectly charred on the outside, with tender marinated chicken meat on the inside.

Cah Kangkung ($9)
Stir-fried Onchoy with Belacan, chilli, garlic and onions

Sate Ayam & lontong ($10)
5 chicken satay sticks served with rice cakes, smothered in a sweet brown hoisin sauce and a rich peanut satay sauce. The chicken pieces are perfectly charred and slightly crispy, which is complemented by the deliciously addictive sauces and the chewy rice cakes.

Es Teler ($5)
A perfect sweet finish to the meal – Mixed fruits and jellies are topped with a mountain of shaved ice topped with sweet syrups and coconut milk.

Ayam Goreng 99 menu

Ayam Goreng 99
464 Anzac Parade 
Kingsford NSW 2032
02 9697 0030

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