Bar Cupola: Sydney CBD (28 August 2012)

After hearing numerous ravings by M of the delicious sandwiches from this cafe near his work, I decided to go in and try it out for myself for lunch. Bar Cupola is a open spaced cafe located on the gallery floor of Angel Place office tower. It seems to be mainly filled with workers in suits, and I feel slightly out of place coming in for lunch with my thick wooly knits. The servers are efficient, and takes and serves our orders within minutes of sitting down. 
Rare roast beef sandwich ($15.50)
 Thinly sliced pieces of rare roast beef is sandwiched in between two thick lightly grilled sourdough pieces, and topped with roast tomatoes, caramelised onions, aioli, cheddar and rocket. It also comes with a side of dijonnaise mustard which is really good with the sandwich, giving it a creamy slightly tangy edge. 
Tuna Nicoise salad ($19.50)
Well marinated sweet pieces of tuna is tossed though a salad of balsamic onions, green beans, roast tomato, soft boiled egg wedges, olives, avocadoes and potatoes. The tuna was delicious and marinated well in a sweet mayonnaise sauce, but I found the rest of the salad relatively bland and lacking in flavour (though I guess that just means it’s healthier??)
Overall Bar Cupola seems to be a great place for a quick lunch for a decent price in the busy CBD that is away from the hustle and bustle. The rare beef sandwich was definitely the highlight of the meal, so will be back to try out more of the sandwich menu. 
Bar Cupola
123 Pitt St
Sydney NSW 2000
02 9221 3377

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on “Bar Cupola: Sydney CBD (28 August 2012)
One Comment on “Bar Cupola: Sydney CBD (28 August 2012)

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