Walnam Ssam: Belmore (01 September 2012)

Mmmm buffets are great, but a huuuuge plate of assorted vegetables, egg rolls and meat can just be as satisfying. Today we went to Walnam Ssam in Belmore following the suggestions of our korean friends about their fresh rice paper rolls. At $50 for two people, it does seem a little pricey considering the other mains were around $15-20 per person. However we understood the price justification when we were presented with a towering plate of freshly cut vegetables and other items. 

Modern vs traditional settings
 Customers get the choice between sitting on the tables with seats, or sitting on the floor with cushions. We decided to opt for the tables for fear that we won’t be able to get back up after working our way through too much food. 
Huge pot of water to moisten the rice paper rolls

Wal Nam Ssam!
 Huge plate fileld with freshly cut capsicums, mushrooms, mint leaves, carrots, cucumbers, fish cakes, egg rolls, tofu, cabbage, tomatoes, sprouts, mung bean sprouts, avocado, lettuce etcetc. 
The ever reliable refresh wet towels come in handy here

Homemade chilli sauce

Packet of rice paper rolls (like the vietnamese ones)

Stir fried beef

Definitely a filling and fun night of DIY korean rice paper rolls. The best thing is that the servers are wonderfully prompt, and come within a minute or so after you press the buttons on the table. They can refill items you’ve finished if you request it. 
Walnam Ssam 
316 Burwood Rd
Belmore NSW 2192
02 9758 9200

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