NokNok: Darling Quarter (05 September 2012)

Last week we met up with a group of friends and decided to try out NokNok at Darling Quarter for some shared Thai dishes in a wonderfully open and airy setting. Most of us had walked past NokNok a few times now, but we seem to always run back to our old favourites for Thai. Today we decided to try something different and were pleasantly surprised with the lovely dishes that were presented, although the service was quite slow for a quiet weekday night. 
Light and airy interior

Ka Nom Jeeb $6.90 
4 succulent Thai Steamed chicken and prawn wonton dumplings served with a side of soy sauce. 
Wide noodle rolls $8.90
 Steamed rolled rice noodles stuffed with chicken mince, diced tofu, bean sprouts and dried shrimp topped with fried crispy garlic. I found the steamed rolled rice noodles that encased the fillings a little too thick, and couldn’t quite taste the fillings as much as the plain rice noodles so it seemed bland. 
Ta Bong $7.90
A deliciously crunchy concoction of deep fired battered julienne potato and pumpkin with mild spices, red curry paste and lemongrass, and served with an addictive sweet chilli sauce topped with crushed peanuts.  
Duck spring rolls $9.90
Crunchy deep fried pastry encases the shredded roast duck, vermicelli, shitake and shallot mixture, and served with a side of hoisin sauce. Reminds me of a spring roll version of peking duck. 
Duck Salad $18.90
 Juicy grilled pieces of roast duck is hidden among the salad mix of cucumber, coriander, shallot and lychees, and tossed through a sauce of chilli jam, red onion, lemongrass and light coconut cream. A refreshing salad that packs a punch with it’s spiciness. 
Pad Si-Ewe $14.90
Thick rice noodles stir-fried with egg, chinese broccoli and chicken pieces, in a sweet soy sauce. Sometimes I find pad si-ewe’s can be quite dry, but the one at NokNok has a deliciously moist consistency. 
Salt and pepper soft shell crab $17.90
 I love soft shell crabs. In all forms – by itself, in sushi, dunked in soya sauce etcetc Unfortunately the salt and pepper soft shell crab at noknok was way too salty tonight, although it was fried to a perfect crunchiness. 
Gai Yang $14.90
 Grilled marinated chicken with lemongrass, galangal, garlic and turmeric powder, is flavoursome and delicious on it’s own. It’s served with sticky rice and nam jim jaew for those who want even more flavour. 
Beef Red Curry $16.90
Thin slices of beef swim in this medium hot red curry filled with bamboo shoots, broccoli, green beans, carrots, chilli and basil. Not as spicy as the medium curries at Chat Thai, but delicious nonetheless. 
Guay Teow Kau Gai $15.90
 Stir fried thick rice noodles with chicken, egg, calamari, lettuce and light soy sauce – found it a little more drier than the pad si-ewe, and found the calamari pieces overly chewy. 
Massaman beef $16.90
 Thick chunky beef cubes are tender and marinated well with the coconut milk and mild massaman curry paste sauce.
Thai Petit Fours $8.90
Comes with two sticky rice cakes (white and black/purple rice) infused with coconut milk flavour and topped with a Thai custard pancake. Delicious and reasonably priced.
Coconut Creme Brulee $7.90

Nok Nok Thai Eating House
Shop 9/1 Harbour Street
Darling Walk, Sydney NSW 2000
02 9267 7992
Nok Nok Thai Eating House on Urbanspoon

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