Ozeki Sushi: Chatswood (25 August 2012)

We’ve been craving for sushi quite a lot lately, so I wasn’t surprised to find ourselves heading for Ozeki Sushi at Chatswood Chase after doing our weekly grocery run. The decor at the Chatswood Chase sushi train is quite sleek and cool, and the service matches it well with the promptness and efficiency of the staff. Our orders are quickly taken by a staff, and we quickly settle in by grabbing a few plates of sushi of the train rail after having spotted them being just placed there seconds ago by the sushi chef. 

Tempura prawn sushi
I’m always wary about grabbing deep fried sushi dishes at sushi trains for fear that the dish has been out for a while and the crunchiness of the dish has gone stale. However the tempura prawn sushi dishes that were put on the rails today were freshly fried and had a lovely crumbly crispiness to it!
Sea urchin 
Another favourite sushi dish of mine… the sea urchin is deliciously creamy and indulgent, and goes perfectly well with the freshly cooked rice and crunchy seaweed. 

Kingfish fin
Really well cooked – thoroughly cooked whilst still be tender. There really isn’t any added flavour as the dish is just all about the natural kingfish flavours, which suits me just fine :)

Seafood udon hotpot
Great dish for a cold wintery day. The tempura pieces were lovely and crunchy when they arrived, but got soggy quite quickly since they were served in the hotpot. However the serving sizes are generous, the broth is well-flavoured and piping hot, and there’s plenty of fresh vegies, tofu and udon to be shared

Ozeki Sushi
345 Victoria Ave
Chatswood NSW 
02 9410 2777

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