Ju ju: Kings Cross (12 September 2012)

Ju Ju is one of those rare serene restaurants (except if it’s karaoke time) that you can find underground in Kings Cross away from all the hustle and bustle. After finding your way down a flight of stairs, you’ll need to take your shoes off before being led to a low table. The food at Ju Ju is your traditional Japanese fare, and whilst there isn’t anything out of the ordinary, the sushi is made fresh-to-order and they use decent ingredients. Personally I wouldn’t go to Ju Ju just for the food, but rather the atmosphere and setting which I think would suit a group drinking session well. 

Spider Roll $16
 Deep fried soft shell crab Sushi roll topped with mayonnaise. Good proportions between soft shell crab and rice, though the soft shell crab wasn’t as crunchy as I hoped it would be (especially since it was freshly made). 
Traditional seating style


Miso Soup

Salmon Main ($25)
10 pieces of assorted Nigiri-style sushi consisting of prawn, squid, kingfish, salmon and tuna pieces. They were all fresh-tasting and delicious, and generous in terms of the fish-cut sizes. 
Salmon Roll $16
Cooked salmon on the inside that is wrapped around with sushi rice and topped with grilled salmon, mayo and fish roe. Really tasty and delicious, though I felt they overly packed the rice in for this dish so we couldn’t appreciate the smokey-ness of the grilled salmon flavour as much. 
Ju Ju
Kingsgate Shopping Centre
Shop 320 Bayswater Rd
Kings Cross NSW 2011
02 9357 7100

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