Montagu: Crows Nest (12 September 2012)

Montagu is a cool and laid-back cafe located in the no-car zone of Ernest St in Crows Nest, serving good coffee and decent breakfast dishes. However while the food is decent, it isn’t the factor that will bring us back. Instead it’s the friendly and laid-back service from the staff here who seems to happily refill our water glasses despite us having had finished our breakfast meals for over an hour. That being said, the coffee and hot chocolate is well made – both thick, creamy and aromatic. 

Hot Chocolate


Breakfast stack
The breakfast stack is a delicious concoction of a fried sunny-side up egg topping a potato hash, rocket leaves, halved grape tomatoes, grilled chorizo slices, and all piled on top of a freshly toasted piece of sourdough bread (they use Brasserie bread). 
Poached eggs on toast
It’s a simple dish, and one that most people can do at home, but why bother when they do it perfectly well here at a reasonable price. The eggs are poached perfectly – still runny and oozing when poked open :) and you get to choose what type of freshly delivered Brasserie bread they have on selection (I chose Rye). 
Shop 2, 13 Ernest St
Crows Nest NSW 
02 9438 4478

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One Comment

on “Montagu: Crows Nest (12 September 2012)
One Comment on “Montagu: Crows Nest (12 September 2012)
  1. coffee is great as is the food. however, i was disappointed by the service when it gets busy. sure i get it (im in the industry too so pretty picky), but a smile and an acknowledgement goes a long way- i got that from mat, but the others…ho hum…

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