M’s birthday: Sydney (12 August 2012)

So a while ago it was M’s birthday, and we decided to throw a small get-together with his friends for a casual luncheon/dinner. In terms of cooking, we were both in virgin territory and decided that his birthday luncheon was probably not the best place to start. So where to go? Papa’s, Blackstar, get a bucket or two of KFC and find a suckling pig.
Mini cupcakes :)
Chocolate and ricotta cannoli
For the creamiest and an incredibly rich ricotta cheesecake, there really is no other place other than Papa’s. The chocolate and ricotta cannoli are also really good as finger-food since they were relatively small and easy to hold, while being packed generously with a deliciously rich filling.
Pasticceria Papa
145 Ramsay St
02 9798 6894

Pasticceria Papa on Urbanspoon

LOL forgot to take a photo of the ricotta cheesecake with the lid open
Suckling pig
I don’t know whether there’s much to say about this. I mean it’s a… whole… suckling… pig. I think I probably wanted this more than M, and just used his birthday as an excuse to get it. But it was sooo delicious! and surprisingly easy to order – I ordered it from Emperor’s Garden BBQ at chinatown 2 days before the party, and was ready for pick up on the morning of the party with no problems. You can also buy some pancakes (like the ones that go with peking duck) at Emperor’s Garden, which went really well with some hoisin sauce, cucumber slices and of course a fat slab of pork crackling skin.
On a side note, we had so much pork bone leftover, so we made a soup with it that was really good. All we did was just boil water with the bones for a few hours, and then add some slices of white raddish towards the last hour.
Emperor’s Garden
215 Thomas St
Sydney NSW 2000
Emperor's Garden BBQ on Urbanspoon
Strawberry Watermelon Cake with rose-scented cream
A really fresh and light cake that is built upon layers of almond dacquoise, fresh whipped cream, watermelon slices, strawberries, and topped generously with Iranian pistachios and rose petals.
Black Star Pastry
277 Australia St
Newtown NSW 2042
02 9522 5643

Black Star Pastry on Urbanspoon

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