Crystal Seafood Restaurant: Strathfield (1 October 2012)

With the extra day off thanks to Labour Day, we decided to start the day off with a leisurely brunch with some friends at Crystal Seafood Restaurant in Strathfield. The restaurant has been located there for as long as I remember, and it brings back memories of many dinners that our families held there when I was a child. As a kid, I used to dislike eating food… weird right? I literally have cravings for yumcha nowadays, but before I would cry at the thought of eating any form of asian food and only brighten up if the food was sourced from the local petrol station (those hotdogs of the rollers), Maccas or Pizza Hut. Surprisingly I wasn’t overweight! But back to yumcha at Crystal… 
Despite it being a public holiday, there was no significant wait for a table today (although it could be because the $2 public surcharge). That being said, there was a lot of variety, and all the dishes we had today was presented to us piping hot. Some of the highlights for me was the salt and pepper calamari (soooo crispy and flavoursome!), the large juicy king prawn pieces bursting out of the prawn dumplings, the freshly made rice paper wrapped “you tou”, the offering of two different types of egg tarts (giving you the choice of either the flaky version or the harder pastry version) and the addictively creamy coconut jelly. After the huge lunch for the five of us, it came to around $20 each. Bargain! If only I could turn back time and tell the 8-year old me to better appreciate yumcha… 
Braised Pork 

Deep fried glutinous rice balls with minced pork

Salt and pepper Calamari 

Prawn steamed noodle

Har Gau – prawn dumpling

Pork and prawn dimsim

BBQ pork bread buns

Dan Taat – custard egg tarts

Dan Taat – custard egg tarts

Sharks fin and pork dumpling

Wu Kok – deep fried taro/yam with minced pork

Rice paper wrapped “you tou” deep fried chinese donut

Baked rice paper wrapped prawns with sesame
Steamed vegetarian rolls

Coconut jelly

Crystal Seafood Restaurant
11 The Boulevarde Shop 29
Strathfield NSW 2135
02 9763 7738

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