Chelsea Hotel & Blis Frozen Yogurt: Chatswood (24 September 2012)

So a while ago we went to the Chelsea Hotel on Monday for trivia night (and cheap steak). While the steaks weren’t anything spectacular, they were relatively well priced at $10 (with a drink purchase) and came with mash potato and your choice of sauces. However for a fun night out (or for just something different to do), the trivia night at Chelsea was really good fun – and it definitely tests your knowledge in obscure and random facts, as well as your drawing skills!

Host of trivia night!

Rump steak on mash with pepper sauce ($10 with drink purchase)
… and after dinner we found ourselves at the relatively newly opened blis froyo shop at Chatswood! Similar to Yogurberry, Blis is also a self-serve frozen yogurt option at Chatswood. They have less flavours, but do offer some interesting choices such as watermelon and milk & cookies. 

Out of the flavours we tried, we probably liked the original flavour the most. The green tea flavour was relatively lacking in flavour, as was the milk & cookies flavour. However the consistency of the frozen yogurt at Blis was refreshingly smooth. Will need to come back another time to try out the watermelon flavour though!

Definitely one of the major drawcards for Blis! Although the staff didn’t really explain it to us, we found us through others that you can “guess your blis” for a chance to get it for free! In other words, after filling your containers with the froyo and toppings, you can ask the server for your chance to guess how much your blis will cost. If you get it correct, e.g. $3.60 (to the nearest 10cents), you get your frozen yogurt for free! M’s amazing cousin came with us once, and got both ours for free!!
Chelsea Hotel Chatswood
14 Railway St
Chatswood NSW
02 9411 4995

Chelsea Hotel Chatswood on Urbanspoon

Blis Frozen Yogurt (part of Bassim) 
The Concourse Victoria Ave
Chatswood NSW
02 9411 5772

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