Carmine’s: Midtown West, NYC (December 2012)

Carmine’s was one of the restaurants that we were originally on the fence about trying. We’ve heard so many great things about it from the tour guides – “oh darling, you’ve got to try the food there… It’s divine!!” so we thought it could be one of those many overpriced and oversold tourist traps that’s spread around manhattan. Fortunately we decided to bite the bullet and went to try Carmine’s one night after watching the Houston vs Knicks game. It was around 10.30pm when we got there so we were able to get seated straight away. The menu is written on blackboards spread around the restaurant, so if you’re anywhere as short-sighted as me (and too lazy to get up) then you can ask the helpful waiters to recommend some dishes. Our waiter asked us what we felt like – pasta, meat, seafood etc, and then he went off with a few recommendations. He also recommended that we share a dish between the two as the portions are huge. Luckily we listened to him, and ordered the veal scaloppine marsala for our main with a side of broccoli.
To start the meal off, a large complimentary bread basket was delivered to our table. It consisted of focaccia, sourdough bread slices and breadsticks. As hungry as we were, and as fresh and delicious the bread tasted, I would probably eat less of the bread if I were to come back again (because the dishes are HUGE!). The veal scaloppine marsala consisted of thinly sliced tender veal pieces and mushroom slices smothered in a rich, flavoursome sauce. There was probably around 10 decent slices in it, so we both struggled finishing it. The broccoli as a side was also delicious, and probably the best broccoli side dish I’ve ever had! The broccoli pieces were simply stir fried with olive oil and garlic, but I really loved how they used large chunky garlic pieces to stir through in the broccoli.¬†
Overall Carmine’s was definitely one of our favourite restaurants in NYC that we tried during our month long stay. We liked it so much that we even returned on another occasion to try their meatballs pasta (again really good – but one dish is probably more suitable for 3 people).¬†
Complimentary bread basket

Garlic stir-fried broccoli 

Veal Scaloppine Marsala

200 W 44st St
NYC 10036
212 221 3800

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