March into Merivale Launch Party: Sydney CBD (05 February 2013)

Having missed out on the March into Merivale launch party numerous years in a row now due to various reasons (mostly due to my forgetfulness in registering), I was beyond excited to have finally made it this year. The night is definitely one not to be missed by anyone who is a fan of Merivale’s restaurants as it gives you a chance to sample them all within the span of one night. In addition, you get to see all the head chefs in action including the likes of Dan Hong (Mr Wong, Ms G’s, El Loco) and Peter Doyle (Est). Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed everything (except for the whole being squashed thing whilst juggling holding a camera, food dish and drink), below is a few snapshots of our favourites from the night.
$30 token ticket
This year it costed $30 to enter the Merivale Launch party, which included 8 food tokens and one complimentary drink from the newly opened Palmer’s bar. Most of the food dishes only involved one food token, whilst some involved two.
Trout on potato salad from the Fish Shop
Mr Wong’s
Raw fish summer roll and hot dog from Ms G’s
Peter Doyle in action from Est!
Spanner crab salad from Est
In terms of value, this was probably the most “valuable” item one could get from the Launch into Merivale party. For only one token, you could get a small taster of Est’s salad of spanner crab, fresh corn, avocado and lettuce, flavoured with mint and lime.
Salt and pepper lamb chops from Mr Wong
Suckling pig from Bistrode CBD
Lorraine’s Patisserie

We each tried a piece of the delicious looking brownies from Lorraine’s Patisserie after our 2 hour-long feasting across the different stores. The brownie consisted of macadamia nuts spread throughout it, as well as dark and milk chocolate pieces. It wasn’t as rich as I usually like my brownies to be, but it was still delicious in that the texture of the crunchy top and bottom contrasted with the lighter brownie centre well. 

Overall it was a lovely night out that gave us a taste of what to expect with the remaining March into Merivale events! Definitely looking forward to the $33 deals they have running across their numerous restaurants and pubs in the upcoming weeks.

Lorraine's Patisserie on Urbanspoon

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