Bao Dao Taiwanese Kitchen: Chatswood (14 April 2013)

Last night M and and I had the chance to finally try out Bao Dao Taiwanese Kitchen that had opened up in Chatswood some months ago. The menu was interesting and served up some traditional “home-style” dishes that we were craving. 
Braised pork knuckles ($7.70)
One of the dishes that I used to love eating was the braised pork knuckles with bamboo shoots. I always feel conflicted when eating this dish – whether I should follow my mum’s advice and eat all the skin of the pork knuckles as the fat would supposedly keep your skin supple and young, or to follow what every doctor would probably advise and limit my saturated fat intake. However the pork knuckles were cooked wonderfully tender tonight, with the sauces soaking through the skin and into the tendons, leaving me with little choice but to eat all 5 or 6 pieces!
Pork belly bun ($4.50)
 In comparison to the other dishes, I felt that the pork belly bun was a tad overpriced for what it was. Whilst the pork belly was tender and the coriander dressing did bring a fresh zest to the dish, I felt that the dish was still relatively lacklustre in taste in comparison to the other two dishes.  

Pork sauce on rice ($5)
I found out later that Bao Dao typically has one or two specials hanging of the top of the register area, and one of the specials tonight was the pork sauce on rice. Usually priced at $6+, it was going for a bargain of $5. This included a fairly packed bowl full of rice topped with a fragrant and flavoursome stir fry of diced pork pieces stirred through a rich pork sauce. 
Overall Bao Dao provided M and I with a relatively cheap and fast meal at Chatswood. We went at around 8.30pm on a Sunday night, and found that the service was fast and efficient (served within 5 minutes of paying). 
Bao Dao Taiwanese Kitchen
Shop 8, 376 Victoria Ave
Chatswood NSW 2067
02 9419 6290

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on “Bao Dao Taiwanese Kitchen: Chatswood (14 April 2013)
One Comment on “Bao Dao Taiwanese Kitchen: Chatswood (14 April 2013)
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