The Tall Lemongrass: Crows Nest (20 April 2013)

Last Saturday night we decided to stay local and try one of our local restaurants that we’ve been eyeing for a while. The Tall Lemongrass is located on the quieter side of Crows Nest (or in other words easier parking!) and has always seemed busy whenever we had previously driven past it. Tonight was no different, and by 7pm the place was full with families and couples. 
Complimentary spicy crackers
 First impressions count, and we were definitely impressed with the bowl of complimentary spicy crackers that were placed on our table as soon as we were seated. 
Curry puffs
 The cuffy puffs were also really delicious – perfectly crispy and chewy pastry encased a hot filling of vegetables mixed in curry sauce. I enjoyed how the vegetables weren’t all mushed up but instead were still in tiny cube shaped pieces giving the whole puff an extra chewier texture. 
Chicken pad thai and massaman beef
 The presentation of both the mains were great (especially the egg net over the pad thai) and the portion sizes for both were generous. We found the beef cubes in the massaman beef a little overly chewy and rough but the flavours were rich and intense. 

Overall an enjoyable thai meal at a reasonable price without having to cross the bridge. We would definitely return for those curry puffs and spicy crackers!
The Tall Lemongrass
4/136 Willoughby Rd
Crows Nest NSW 2065
02 9966 0350
The Tall Lemongrass on Urbanspoon

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